Brake Services

Raleigh Brake Services

Our technicians offer skill and expertise with their Raleigh brake services. The brake system is an incredibly important part of any automobile, allowing you to stop efficiently and quickly under any conditions. Worn or malfunctioning brake parts can cause serious injuries or vehicle damage if not addressed promptly by skilled technicians.

Since the brake system is complicated and contains many parts that see constant use when driving, it’s important to stay on top of any issues, including:

  • Grinding, screeching or shuddering when applying the brakes
  • Smoke or strange smells after frequent braking
  • Dragging from one or more wheels when driving
  • ABS or brake lights on your instrument cluster
  • Needing to push the brake pedal harder than normal

Eastgate Automotive’s Raleigh brake services are able to fix all of these issues and more, from routine replacement of your brake pads and rotors, to exotic issues such as:

  • Split brake hoses
  • Failing brake master cylinder
  • Issues with brake vacuum booster
  • Locked up calipers
  • Axle seals leaking into drum brake systems
  • Machining rotors to maintain smooth braking

We visually inspect your brake system every time we change the oil on your car, allowing us to keep detailed notes on the condition of your brakes and we’ll let you know if and when you need Raleigh brake services on one the most important systems of your car.