Oil Change Services

Oil Change Raleigh

Changing your vehicle’s oil at regular intervals is the most important step to ensuring long years and many miles of service.

Our Raleigh oil change service technician has been with us for over 15 years, so he has this down to a science. We use only quality ingredients, and we always include free refills of all fluids, such as transmission fluid, washer fluid and antifreeze.

While suspended in the air, we do a visual check of the underside of your car to make sure there aren’t any problems that will later develop into major headaches. This means we look at your suspension and steering components, check brake pad wear, tire inflation and we ensure you have no leaks. We even remember to clean your transfer case vent valve!

After tightening your drain plug and changing your oil filter, your car comes back to earth and the top side of the engine is next up on the block, where we check your air filter for road gunk and your drive belts for cracks and dry rot. The last thing we do is fill your car with oil, and put a sticker in your windshield for your next Raleigh oil change service, getting you back in business quickly and efficiently.

Our attention to detail, especially in the most basic car maintenance, has made us one of the most trusted car repair facilities in the area, and is the reason many of our customers prefer a full service oil change in Raleigh performed by an experienced technician over a quick lube.