NC Emission & Safety Inspections

NC Inspection Station

Eastgate Automotive is a NC Inspection Station in Raleigh that is certified in both NC Emission and Safety Inspections. To renew a registration in North Carolina, a car must undergo either 1) a safety inspection, which includes testing of the safety related components of your vehicle or 2) an emissions inspection, which uses your On-Board Diagnostic (OBD-2) system to ensure your car isn’t outputting too many harmful emissions.

It’s very important to the quality of air in our state that emission inspections are done on a yearly basis, and safety inspections are done for the benefit of you and the drivers around you. Eastgate Automotive is a qualified and registered facility, and we can fix any problems that may pop up, causing you to fail inspections.

Some reasons for failing an inspection:

  • External lights such as brake or headlights, are not functioning.
  • Brake pads are extremely worn
  • Tires are below 2/32nds of tread
  • Wiper blades are torn
  • Exhaust system is leaking
  • Check engine light is on
  • Dark tint

Since the issues that can cause failure are very many, be sure to have a skilled technician from our NC Inspection station inspect your car and ensure that you are in compliance with North Carolina and are able to register your car!