Diagnostic Services

We offer the following Raleigh Auto Repair & Diagnostic Services:

  • BMW repair and Mini Cooper repair services. We are one of the few shops in the Raleigh area to possess the coveted Autologic diagnostic tool that can do ANYTHING with the electronics of your Bimmer and keep you moving down the road!
  • Check engine light. If you see the dreaded and unhelpful engine outline, don’t despair because we have the knowledge and equipment to determine the issue and fix the problem, unlike auto parts stores who can only pull the code but can’t give you any answers.
  • Noises when driving. Whether caused by loose body panels or a flat tire, we can find the cause and fix it!
  • Transmission problems. If your car won’t shift into Drive, or pops when shifting from 2nd to 3rd, we can get you back on the road in no time flat. Manuals and automatics are equally welcome.
  • Electric/Hybrids. Our ASE master technician is certified to solve any problem you may have with your hybrid systems.
  • Overheating or coolant leaks. When your engine gets too hot, that may spell the end for your beloved ride, so make sure any overheat is promptly taken care of, whether it’s caused by a leaking radiator or stuck thermostat.
  • Heat and AC Repair. No matter the temperature outside, you want to make sure you’re climate control in your car is working at peak performance.
  • Electrical problems. We can trace any problem with your electronics, no matter what it is! Wiring, lighting, radios, and computer issues can all be solved by our expert technicians
  • Brake Repairs. Stopping on demand is a necessary feature of any car, and we can fix any brake problem you may have.
  • Windows. If you can’t roll down your window, we can help.
  • Tire service including leaks and noises. If you’re tire light keeps coming on or you’re hearing an unusual sound from your tire, we can fix it.

Contact us today for Raleigh auto repair and diagnostic services.