It’s Time for a Car AC Maintenance Service

As we head into the travelling season where you and your family are likely to be taking trips and vacations, it’s a good idea to get any problems taken care of that you may have been putting off, such as oil changes and state emission inspections. There may be other items you are not aware of such as losing coolant, needing to add air to a tire, your car AC blowing warm air, and the air filter needing to be changed.

Car AC’s don’t generally require a lot of maintenance, but because it has been several months since you have used your AC, there has been plenty of time for problems to develop. It’s a good idea to try out your AC system before the temperature goes up and you really need it. The AC has many rubber seals and lines, so if your AC blows warm when you turn it on, we can diagnose any problems or fill the AC system with refrigerant.

Changing the cabin air filter, which filters the air that the driver is breathing, is frequently forgotten about by drivers, and may require changing. There are also cabin air filters that have activated charcoal so they may help filter out smells and gas fumes, etc.

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